April 24, 2012

DIY: Transform a Mens Button Up into a Sleeveless "High-Low" Shirt!

-Scissors/rotary cutter


Smooth out the shirt and make sure the seems on the sleeves are aligned. Based on personal preference you can cut just behind the seem or just in front of it. 

After you cut one sleeve cut the other. You can line up the material to make sure you cut it in the same place if you want. 

It should look like this!


Now we're going to change the long straight hem into a high-low hem which makes it shorter in the front and longer in the back. 
First choose how long you want the shirt in the front, I'm cutting mine right above the last button. Then cut straight across a couple of inches and begin to angle your cut downwards as you reach the side seem of the shirt. 

After you reach the side seem cut straight down the seem to detach that piece of fabric. 

Turn the fabric over and line it up on the other side and cut along the edge of the fabric to ensure an even cut on both sides. 

Once that's done it should look like this. 

I went ahead and cut the hem off at this point. 
Next just continue cutting at an angle until you reach the edge of the fabric, it should make kind of an oval shape. 

when you finish one side, line the side seems of the shirt up so you can cut along the first edge to make it even. 

It should look something like this!

Shirt: Local Thrift Store: $1.99
Time spent: ~10 mins

*Not all high low hems will end up looking as drastic as this one, the shirt was pretty big on me and I have a pretty short torso so naturally, I cut mine shorter in the front. Just don't be discouraged if yours doesn't look exactly like my pictures! 
Also, you can use this technique on any button up shirt! I've done this to one of my dads old dress shirts, its pretty big but it still worked fine.*

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More D.I.Y's to come! Thanks so much!



  2. this is awesome! i've been looking for a tutorial for this all over! so glad i found you lol, i will follow your blog from now on! great stuff keep it up :)