April 12, 2012

DIY Simple Shorts!

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to turn some tacky pants from a thrift store into cute high waisted shorts! 

Lets get started!


Step one:

Put the pants on and make a mark a little lower than how long you want them to be. Remember: you can always make them shorter, but you can't make them longer!

Step two:

Next, lay the pants out on a flat surface. If you're using a rotary cutter remember to put something under the material so you don't cut your table!
Find the mark or cut you made where you want to cut the material. I would recommend using a straight edge to mark all the way across the material so you get a straight cut but since my pattern goes straight across i was able to use the lines of stars as a guideline. 
And cut!

Step 3:

Fold the pants in half along the seem and make sure the side seems line up. Make a mark where the material ends, and cut across!

Tada! Shorts!

Now, put the shorts on and make sure they are the length you want. If you want to trim them more, remark and cut them just like in the previous steps. 

Step 4:

 Now these shorts are a little too plain for me. If you want to hem them and keep them plain, you're done! If you want to add a little more, keep reading!
Turn the shorts inside-out

Line up the lace on the inside of the leg and pin all the way around

When you've pinned the lace around the leg it should look something like this. once you have it pinned, use a strong thread and straight stitch when you put the pins. Remember to add extra stitches on the seems and where the two ends of the lace meet for extra strength. 

After both legs are sewn on it should look like this! Turn them right side out and they're ready to be worn! 

How I wear them:
top-Nordstrom Rack
shorts-Salvation Army-$1.99
lace trim-Hobby Lobby-$1.99/yd

Total time spent:~2 1/2 hrs
(hand sewn)

Total cost: $5!

So, as you can see, this is my first post on this blog! Thank you for reading and please take a second to leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think! I know my pictures probably aren't the best but I will get the hang of it soon. I have many future posts planned out so if my blog seems interesting to you I would really appreciate it if you followed me! 
Also, please don't hesitate to give me any suggestions of things you would like me to post about. It can be as broad as "T-shirt reconstruction" or as specific as sending me a picture and telling me how to make the shirt the person is wearing. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow so cute thanks for sharing I'm totally gonna try this!!!

  2. more please, I'm definitely following!!<3
    LOVE your blog!

  3. hey! Loved your blog! I went through all the DIYS! hahah.. keep up the good work. And ermm.. you were asking for suggestions? Well i want to get into the whole stacked braceletes looked. i mean the ones with multiple bracelets of different kind, So I was thinking of DIYs of multiple types of bracelets that go well together. okay I think my request was toooooooooooo specific. I am sorry.. :/