April 15, 2012

Urban Street Bazaar!

So, today I went to the Urban Street Bazaar in the Bishop Arts District downtown!  All the vendors had awesome stuff for sale, I couldn't buy everything I wanted so I picked up a few business cards so I could check out their stuff online! 

Here are the things I bought:

This bow was the first thing I purchased at the bazaar! I love cute little hair clips and I couldn't pass this one up. Check out their website for other hair bows, jewelry and knitted accessories! 

Okay, this is definitely my new favorite thing I own. This is a monochromatic color chart... on a bracelet!! How cool is that?? I'm really into art and I love simple things like this, it's just very me I guess! She had all different colors and sizes so definitely go to her etsy and check them out, along with her other handmade things! Oh and don't forget to follow her blogspot too :)

 After we finished at the bazaar, we headed up the street to a new antique store we had never been to before...
I have a fairly small coin collection so I was excited to see that he had an assortment of coins for .25 cents each. I picked up these four, I don't have any like these so I'm really glad I saw them. 
There was also a box of old keys there for $1 each so I got these three. I will probably be making a necklace with at least one of them on it so stay tuned for that :)
These are his business cards, how cool is that? 
424 W Davis St. 
Dallas, TX 

Definitely stop by if you're in the DFW area, it's only been open for six months!

Ornamental Things
^^totally recommend! One of my favorites there!!^^
Blossom Shop
J Margot
Freeforged Jewelry
^^highly recommend-awesome hand sculpted metal jewelry!^^
Gypsy Trading Company

I strongly recommend visiting all the websites listed, especially if you live in the DFW area, it's great to support local artists! If you've never been to a bazaar before you should definitely try to find one in your area! They're great to just go and look around, meet cool people, and buy hand crafted, unique things for friends and yourself. 
I love going to these kinds of things because they're really inspiring to me. I'd love to one day have an online shop to sell things that I make to people from all over the world! I know that day will come, I just need to find my place in the crafting world first. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. that bow is so cute! xx


  2. thanks, doll! glad you liked the bracelet!